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Cloud Testing Services

We help enterprises and technology providers ensure their business applications and software solutions consistently hit quality benchmarks through SQA consulting, independent testing, test automation, and domain specific compliance testing services. Our QA experts work with your IT leadership, PMO and QA organizations to assess your SDLC and QA processes – and build and implement a comprehensive QA strategy. Our services include

On-Demand Localization Services

Build your enterprise applications or consumer solutions for global needs. C2S has a pool of language experts who can help you localize your product or solution for European, middle eastern, Asian and south American languages. C2S has an innovative on-demand model to meet your needs.

On-Demand Certification Services

Having your game or app rejected by a platform provider for non-compliance can be expensive, which is where our Certification Testing service comes in. We have extensive experience in assisting clients via our dedicated team of Certification QA specialists.

On-Demand Functionality Testing Services

Functionality testing is our specialty, and we have a wealth of experience. We employ over 200 professional testers working on a huge range of titles and applications. All of our testers are extensively trained, and backed by QA veteran Leads, to deliver some of the best proven test metrics available in the industry.

Automation Testing Services

With a planned robust Test Automation strategy, our team of certified Automation Testing professionals follow the test automation process, thus helping the enterprises in accelerating go-to-market time, reducing operational costs and achieving optimum test coverage of their applications.