Big Data,BI &
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BIGDATA, BI and Analytics


Microsoft works with OEM teams on field readiness. Microsoft has to collect data from multiple OEMs and integrate with internal systems to generate the data that would help the field team in making the OEM sales. Solution has been.


Impact Created

Power BI dashboards provided the trending and budget information that needed to be visualized as well the insight they required into when OEMs were being paid on incentives. Department heads now have a snapshot into their field readiness, sales which has provided them with the insight that they needed to run the business.


Microsoft C2S Technologies analyzed the MS’s and OEMs data flows. C2S leveraged Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure Active Directory, and Power BI to provide OEM leadership team, field operations team and OEMs with better access to their field readiness, sales and budgeting information.