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Testing And Localization

Certification Testing

Having your game or app rejected by a platform provider is a painful experience, which is where our Certification Testing service can help, as functional and compliance Certification Testing is one of our specialties. We have hundreds of professional testers working on a range of titles and applications. All of our testers are trained and backed by veteran leads to deliver the best proven test metrics available in the industry.

Accessibility Testing

Testing and improving the accessibility of software and hardware to people with sight, hearing, speech, physical, and cognitive disabilities. The role of the Accessibility Tester is to provide the client with their unique experience and insight to help improve the ability of software and hardware to better accommodate people with disabilities. We get the community involved and included in the initiative!

Localization Services

Build your enterprise applications or consumer solutions for global needs. We have a pool of language professionals who can ensure your product is localized for the world’s major languages.


Data Collection & Annotation

Facial Recognition

The advancement of facial recognition over just the last couple years has been extraordinary. Facial recognition technological capabilities are becoming more and more commonplace in every industry, used in multiple different applications, including security and ID verifications, social media and entertainment, and healthcare.

Voice Recognition

Speech data is a very information-rich medium, but the information can’t be extracted if speech data are managed as mere static recordings. Unannotated audio is almost impossible to integrate with broader analytics, leaving a potentially rich data source mostly inaccessible. Additionally, identifying audio data that fulfills specific project parameters requires an in-depth knowledge of this unique data medium. It is important to identify these extremely nuanced data points from audiological data, such as mood changes or emotional states, using advanced speech recognition algorithms.

Image Annotation

Images contain an enormous amount of information, but it can’t just be given to a Machine Learning program without being annotated If you took a picture of a street with cars on it and gave it to a program to teach it what a car is, from the AI’s perspective the word “car” could refer to multiple cars, trees, signs, and teaching it that would be a mistake. First, the image needs to annotated by a human that can place a border around only the cars in the picture, so that the AI understands that it’s only supposed to learn from what is in the boundary. This requires the subtle touch of an image analyst specifically trained on collection and analysis of image data.