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Microsoft genuine software provides the security, updates, and support you need. Get the best experience, build trust, and avoid risk – buy Microsoft Genuine Software.

Non-genuine software is a cybersecurity risk

Software piracy is a widespread global problem. Cybercriminals are exploiting non-genuine software to spread malware, and users are exposing themselves to multiple security risks.​

The reach and risk of counterfeit goods

39% of inadvertent purchases of counterfeit goods were bought through legitimate, online third-party marketplaces.

½ a trillion US dollars worth – or 3.3% of imports world-wide – are counterfeit or pirated products.

20% increase of malware processes on machines when users doubled their time on piracy sites.

Risk of non-genuine software

Think twice before your next purchase

Non-genuine software may come with viruses and may lack the security measures needed to detect them. You may be opening your home or business to serious threats from hackers and malware without knowing it.


Malware can contain ransomware which may block access to data or user accounts unless a ransom is paid.

Identity theft

Your personal and financial data may be compromised and even used for criminal activities or result in financial damage.

Reputation and material damage

Your personal and financial data may be compromised and even used for criminal activities or result in financial damage.

Business disruption

A data breach can bring your entire business operation to a halt and harm your website, CRM, and accounting systems.

Stolen credit card or bank details

Hackers can clone your credit card and access your bank accounts, resulting in financial loss for you or your business.

Data loss

You could lose important personal files and business data like customer and accounting information.

How do I know I’m using genuine software?

Before purchasing a new PC, make sure genuine Windows in pre-installed on the device.

All Windows PCs must have a license, which allows you to upgrade your version through volume licensing.

Volume licensing agreements only cover Windows software upgrades. Only PCs are bundled with a full base license (OEM/GGWA/FPP/ESD).

Consumer versions of Windows are NOT eligible for Volume Licensing upgrades to Windows Pro

Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is the legalization solution for corporate users who want to legitimize Windows Pro licenses on existing devices. For all new devices, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) base licenses are required.

How do I avoid non-genuine software?

Buy from trusted sources

A reputable reseller or the Microsoft Store are your go-to options.

Use only licensed software

Software must be properly licensed, whether it is Windows or Office.

Question "too-good-to-be-true" prices

They usually are-and may lead to additional costs from data loss or identity theft.

Check the product key source

For digital downloads, make sure the product key comes from a trusted source and not an instant messaging platform or unverifiable email

Inspect the packaging

Make sure physical packaging includes an authentic Microsoft logo and brand identity. Be wary of standalone stickers or product key cards, which don't grant the right to use Microsoft software.

Be the first to open it

A physical product's package must be sealed to ensure first-time use. Product keys are designed to work on a single or limited number of devices

Stay up to date

Run software updates regularly to help stay protected against potential security issues.

Buy Microsoft genuine software


Learn what to check for before buying new or used.

Packaged software

Know the verifiable features of genuine Microsoft software.

Digital downloads

Avoid the many risks of digital downloads with tips for safer shopping.