Written by

Jagadeesh Napa

Published on

Apr 17, 2023

Integrating DevOps into your modernization project can reap rich benefits including accelerated time to market, better quality products and better ROI for the company. While building a DevOps team is entirely dependent on the collaborative nature of the team members, the team’s integration in modernization projects can help in easy creation and management of the operations and environment for rapid deployments. As DevOps focuses on speed and automation, it automates the provisioning of infrastructure as per need and maintains it in the desired state for the entire duration of the application development and maintenance. Here are six trends that every D&A leader must keep track of and implement in their organizations to gain competitive advantage and stay relevant in their markets. Same case applies to business IT systems and applications. Organizations spend huge money in setting up their IT systems. Nevertheless, there comes a time when every business enterprise must upgrade to newer versions or replace their legacy systems with more agile cloud technologies.

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Integrating DevOps into your modernization project