Systems Administrator (Jira)

Systems Administrator (Jira)

Job title: Systems Administrator (Jira) 

Job duties: Install, Configure, Maintain and administer JIRA tool for Enterprise on-premise infrastructure team.
Attend meetings with different Project managers across the globe and gather requirements for the changes to be implemented in JIRA.
Create complex workflows and individual projects depending upon their states and business flow.
Troubleshoot issues encountered by the different teams in the JIRA.
Create custom fields and screen schemes for moving issues from state to state.
Meet with different project managers outside the team and initiate them to move their projects.
Depending on the business flow, add applications to the production server to test its integrity, reliability, and stress on the development server and then move it to the production server.
Develop a plugin to send emails to Non-JIRA users.
Implement a Disaster recovery plan for the production server, take backups every 15 minutes and push JIRA data and dump files to a remote server.
Perform Rally to Jira Migration using Cprime based ruby scripts to extract the data from Rally.
Develop Macros for transforming the data into Jira understandable data and import the projects and issue data to JIRA.
Train new teams to use advanced concepts of agile and Kanban boards.
Troubleshoot issues of project manager wi1h burndown chats.
Submit reports to directors on reaching targets, activities in progress, and things that are blocking the progress of the business.
Set targets in a timely manner.
Implement Kanban and agile boards in projects. 

Job Location: Bellevue, WA 

Degree Requirement: This position requires, at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, information technology, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects. 

Work Schedule: Full Time, 40 Hours/Week

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